Trees and Canal near Bruges, Belgium


Liliane De Cock Morgan ( American, born in Belgium, 1939 - 2013 )

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General Description

Artist Liliane De Cock Morgan lived a migratory life beginning when she and other children were forced to relocate to an orphanage in the south of Belgium to escape potential air bombing raids during World War II. She arrived in New York in 1960 and met Brett Weston, the son of photographer Edward Weston. She began dabbling in photography, and at Weston's recommendation she became studio assistant to the photographer Ansel Adams. Quickly learning Adams' composition strategies, Morgan soon began innovations of her own, exploring tonal effects such as the lights and darks shown in Trees and Canal near Bruges, Belgium. This photograph ranges from milky whites to sharp dark grays, using the subject of the tree-lined road to create a striated composition that emphasizes the contrasts of light and dark, soft and sharp.

Excerpt from

Chelsea Pierce, Soft Focus, Label copy [1985.136], 2018.

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