In the Park, Dark


George Wesley Bellows ( American, 1882 - 1925 )


George Charles Miller ( American, 1894 - 1965 )

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General Description

George Bellows spent most of his life in New York City searching for subjects in the public parks and thoroughfares. He bought a lithographic press in 1916 and had it installed in his studio, on the top floor of his home at 146 East 19th Street. Lithography was a fitting technique for the artist's expressive drawing style. He befriended an up-and-coming printer George Charles Miller and convinced him to come to the studio in the evenings to help Bellows produce prints from whatever lithographic stone he had drawn during the day.

Emily Schiller, Digital Collections Content Coordinator, 2015.

Fun Facts

There are two versions of this print, "Light" and "Dark." In the alternate version, the buildings in the central background and the gradations of shading in the park's trees is visible. Here, the heightened contrast between foreground and background emphasizes the figures shown along the lower edge of the print.