Decanter with tazza

Attributed to

La Granja Factory ( Spanish, 1770 )

c. 1750–1800
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General Description

Although it was probably produced by various European glasshouses, this form is extremely rare today. Most examples were destroyed long ago because of the difficulty of removing the decanter from the central well of the stand without dropping the top or knocking off the glasses that would have sat on the tazza.

The engraving features pomegrantes, flowers, garlands, branches, and a bird. It was done by holding the glass against a rotating copper wheel fed with an abrasive. The bold yet naive quality of the engraving is typical of much Spanish glass of this period.

Excerpt from

Dallas Museum of Art, Decorative Arts Highlights from the Wendy and Emery Reves Collection (Dallas, Texas: Dallas Museum of Art, 1995), 85.