James Brooks ( American, 1906 - 1992 )

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General Description

[A]way from the active shape movement . . . something different than the mystery of complication . . . I want to present a more completed painting . . . a quieter painting . . . . I want more meaning for the whole. -James Brooks At the end of the sixties, in works such as Ipswich, the artist continued to reduce the formal components of his canvases, using very few colors, with minimal linear interventions to heighten the visual and emotional impact. Brooks' reserve and his controlled release-in the feathery passage of pink in the upper right-hand corner-for instance, which is balanced by the complementary moss green in the lower right-hand corner, testify to his constant striving to break free of his own artistic routines. This steady commitment to experimentation solidified his reputation as an artist who created works of refinement and quiet grandeur.