Tulip vase


Louis Comfort Tiffany ( American, 1848 - 1933 )


Corona Furnace

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General Description

Louis Comfort Tiffany was one of America's most important designers at the turn of the 19th century. The glass produced at his Corona Furnace on Long Island was especially famous. In addition to US markets, Tiffany glass was also sold at L'Art Nouveau, the Paris shop of Siegfried Bing. This gallery not only gave the style its name, but showcased the work of the finest art nouveau designers. Because of its rich colors, organic shapes, and sinuous decoration, Tiffany glass was considered among the best in the world.

Tiffany noted that his glass "is distinguished by brilliant or deeply toned colors, usually iridescent like the wings of certain American butterflies, the necks of pigeons and peacocks, the wing covers of various beetles." The iridescent effect was obtained though the vapors of metallic oxides interacting with the surface of the hot glass.

Adapted from

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