Pair of earrings with large pendants

2nd–1st century BCE
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General Description

Each piece in this pair of ancient Greek earrings is composed of a plain hoop, terminating at one end in a flat loop, and a large composite pendant. Attached to the front of the hoop is an oval, pointed box setting with a beaded edging and a garnet inlay. A gold pellet is set on the join of the setting and the hoop.

The composite pendant consists of a cage-like ornament and two beads mounted on a gold wire: a biconical white glass bead and an oval blue glass bead. The cage pendant is formed of two hollow hemispheres, one held above and the other below a plain cylinder by struts made of twisted wires. The hemispheres are decorated with filigree, granulation, and small bosses. The drop-shaped setting on the hoop suggests a late Hellenistic date.

Adapted from

Barbara Deppert-Lippitz, Ancient Gold Jewelry at the Dallas Museum of Art (Dallas: Dallas Museum of Art in association with the University of Washington Press, 1996), 136.