Alois Kolb ( Austrian, 1875 - 1942 )


Friedrich Dehne

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General Description

Centered in this hypnotic assemblage of scenes, an elegant diner blindly stares forward as she is bitten by a man. To the left an aged tramp leans towards the lady. On the right, the diner's fellow guests become entwined with ghostlike personages in terrifying encounters. These apparitions form a mass of dark fog comprised of anonymous faces. Through illusory forms and indeterminate space, Kolb authors a nightmarish tale. Fantastic themes are typical for Symbolist art.

Alois Kolb, almost unknown today, was once a prominent painter, engraver, and lithographer in Austria. He taught printmaking at the prestigious Leipzig Academy for Graphics in Germany. This print is one of ten in a series titled An Adventure (Ein Abenteuer) which illustrates the same concept over ten unrelated vignettes.

Excerpt from

Brittany Luberda, DMA label copy, 2010.

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