Red and Yellow, Black and White


Vernon Fisher ( American, 1943 )

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General Description

In bold and innovative multimedia works, Texas native Vernon fisher forces the viewer slightly off-balance with his juxtapositions of the literal and the illusory. He is counted among the postmodernist painters and sculptors who, in the late 20th century, freely mixed styles and media as they jabbed at artistic convention. Fisher often creates a degree of specificity that he then confounds, making a single storyline impossible. Consisting of three individual units, Red and Yellow, Black and White, dramatizes the frustrations inherent in communicating meaning and content in a world saturated with advertising gimmicks and hyperbole. The text panel, wall relief, and blackboard element visually and iconographically reinforce each other, focusing on the problematic nature of perception and communication.

Excerpt from

Bonnie Pitman, ed., "Red and Yellow, Black and White (1983.57.a-c)," in Dallas Museum of Art: A Guide to the Collection (New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 2012), 335.