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Käthe Kollwitz ( German, 1867 - 1945 )

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General Description

German artist Käthe Kollwitz is well known for her printmaking, along with her depiction of themes like class, war, and poverty. A master printmaker, Kollwitz relied on intaglio techniques early in her career before shifting to lithography later in life.

Kollwitz produced more than one hundred self-portraits, spanning from her teenage years to two years before her death. This lithograph shows the artist in profile, an unusual pose for an image that traditionally would have been created by looking into a mirror.

This print displays the artist’s mastery of the lithographic medium through the power of her line and the varied texture of the print surface, which stunningly replicates the effects of a charcoal drawing.

Excerpt from

Amy Wojciechowski, DMA label copy, 2017.

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