Fog with Claws


Enrique Zañartu ( Chilean, 1921 - 2000 )

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General Description

Despite his success in abstraction, Enrique Zañartu rejected categorization with Chilean modernists and staunchly believed himself to be a realist. Working in the shadow of his younger brother, the print magnate Nemesio Antúnez, Zañartu took on the surname of his mother, divorcing himself from the fame received by the familial figurehead of modern Chilean art. Outside of painting, Zañartu was an active printmaker and produced illustrations for literary works by Pablo Neruda, Julio Cortázar, and Octavio Paz. Here Zañartu refers to the mountainous Andean landscape, painting abstracted peaks in earthy, muted tones. The claws are executed with thick, emotive brushstrokes, slashing through the canvas and evoking the deep incisions of a printer’s burin.

Excerpt from

Erin Piñon, Tower Gallery: Latin American Art, Label text, 2017.