Four Triangles Within a Square


Robert Mangold ( American, 1937 )

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General Description

Robert Mangold paints compositions of elegant elements that are connected in complex manners. He is interested in painting as a vehicle for ideas that are carefully worked out prior to being put down on canvas and frequently works in series, concentrating on permutations of a particular composition. Mangold rarely creates a center in his paintings; and although the geometric forms in his work, created by thin lines which divide the canvas, appear to be precise and mathematically calculated, they are not. Instead, he devises the forms to construct a balance that invites contemplation. In 1968, Mangold switched to spraying oil paint onto sheets of Masonite, which he had adopted to remove his touch, to rolling acrylic on canvas, reinforcing the flatness associated with the minimalist tradition. In the late 1960s, he also came to be associated with conceptual art.

Adapted from

  • DMA label copy, 2014.
  • DMA unpublished material.