Cosmic Landscape


Danilo di Prete ( Brazilian, 1911 - 1985 )

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General Description

Cosmic Landscape is one of Danilo di Prete’s first attempts at controlled gestural abstraction. The Italian native began painting in Brazil in 1946 and struggled professionally until winning a national painting prize at the inaugural São Paulo Biennial in 1951. As di Prete’s practice evolved, he experimented with paint application and adhering mixed media onto the surfaces of his canvases and other supports. This tactile exploration is evident in the raised surfaces of Cosmic Landscape. Curved planes and delicate lines suggest overlaid celestial bodies along the upper and central areas of the picture. These ethereal elements are balanced by the heavy, dark band extending along the right edge.

Excerpt from

Erin Piñon, Tower Gallery: Latin American Art, Label text, 2017.