Pig-form container

Kayan or Kenyah peoples
19th century
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General Description

The body of this sculpture is long and broad like real pigs found in the interior regions of Borneo. Small ears and long tusks distinguish its head, and a flat disc represents a tightly curled tail. Its short stout legs support the body with its rounded belly that scarcely clears the ground.

The hollowed area in the back of the sculpted animal indicates its original function as a container, and the lip and straight cut just above the tail suggest that it once had a lid. Although the container might have held food, such as wild boar meat, it probably served as a storage box for heirlooms.

Excerpt from

  • Roslyn Walker, Label text, 2013.

Fun Facts

  • Across Indonesia, pigs and wild boar are an important part of the landscape and of ceremonies and festivals.