Little Sketches in the Square (Petites Etudes dans le Square)


Edouard Vuillard ( French, 1868 - 1940 )

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General Description

In 1908, Edouard Vuillard and his mother moved to an apartment in the 9th arrondisement of Paris, facing a public square called the Place Vintimille. This small park became a favorite new motif, often shown from the bird's-eye vantage point of Vuillard's fifth-floor windows. In this image, though, Vuillard brings us inside the park, where women rest on wooden benches while their children play on the ground nearby. Above them looms the statue of composer Hector Berlioz (French, 1803-1869) that occupied the center of the square.

Excerpt from

Heather MacDonald, DMA Label copy, 2014.

Fun Facts

  • Alfred Lenoir's 1886 statue of Berlioz shown in Vuillard's etching was removed and melted down during Nazi occupation of Paris in 1941—four years after Vuillard captured this view. A new, stone statue of the composer replaced the original in 1948.

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