Mr. & Mrs.


Guy Pène Du Bois ( American, 1884 - 1958 )

about 1911
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General Description

Born into a sophisticated, literary family, Guy Pène Du Bois studied painting with William Merritt Chase and Robert Henri and became influential as an art critic for several newspapers. Du Bois's work is characterized by a caustic wit with which he observes the behavior of the high and low of New York City. Sketchy forms and shadowed lighting make it difficult to see clearly this society couple out on the town, suggesting perhaps both the loneliness possible in the middle of a crowd and the emptiness of fashionable life. Although later publicly hostile toward abstract art, Du Bois often pushed the boundaries of representation in his figural compositions, as his stylized forms are far from realistic. The subject matter, fluid brushwork, and simple background present in Mr. and Mrs. are characteristic of his paintings around 1920.

Adapted from

  • William Keyse Rudolph, DMA label copy (1945.11), November 2005.

  • TMS data, DMA electronic record, n.d.

Fun Facts

On the verso of this work, there is an incomplete painting presumably by Du Bois. Rather than purchase new panels, many artists chose to save money and reuse their materials for incomplete works. The image shown on the verso appears to be a single, reclining figure.

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