In Front of the Hotel


George Grosz ( American, born Germany, 1893 - 1959 )

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General Description

In his images of the bustling streets and diverse crowds of downtown Dallas, George Grosz relies on his facility with the depiction of social type, honed during his career as a satirist in Berlin. In Front of the Hotel describes the passage of pedestrians on Commerce Street as a compendium of local types: the smart woman, the boorish businessman, the urban cowboy, the tough guy, the hayseed, and, turned away from us, the African American newspaper seller. This was an unlikely array of local diversity to have been found together on a Dallas street in 1952. It was probably an imaginative collage of people Grosz observed over the course of his four-day visit.

Excerpt from

Heather MacDonald, Flower of the Prairie: George Grosz in Dallas (Dallas: Dallas Museum of Art, 2012), 61.