Violet Red on Grey


Jose Antonio Fernandez-Muro ( Argentinian, 1920 - 2014 )

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General Description

In 1938, at the height of the Spanish Civil War, José Antonio Fernández Muro and his family fled Madrid for Argentina, where he began training under celebrated Catalan painter Vicente Puig. Fernández Muro’s individual style took time to evolve; his first decade of painting produced works closely resembling his instructor’s figural, realist images. It was only in the 1950s that Fernández Muro abandoned the aesthetic remnants of pre-war Spain and moved his paintings toward abstraction. The length and expanse of shapes along the canvas’s edges are juxtaposed with the tightly contained assemblage of forms blossoming from the center of the canvas. By surrounding the vibrant reds and magentas of the central circular shapes with an arrangement of rectilinear forms in a gradient of grays, Fernández Muro focuses our attention on a specific area and stabilizes a composition of overlaid forms.

Excerpt from

Tower Gallery: Latin American Art, Label text, 2017.