Ceremonial cloth (tampan)

Paminggir peoples
19th century
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General Description

Ceremonial cloths called _tampan _were displayed and exchanged during important rituals and rites of passage ceremonies. In Lampung the most important ceremonial use of these textiles was either during marriage rites or during the raising of one’s status to garner honors and titles. Many of the designs on these textiles depict transitions from one state in life to another.

Two forms of conveyance, the ship and a mythological beast, figure prominently in this tampan. One human figure appears in the middle of an animal-like structure that also resembles a beast. Near the top, another figure stands before a lawing kori, or ceremonial gate. The center of the cloth is dominated by a triangular form on a pole that resembles a rumah pojang, the ritual house where heirlooms are stored. Winglike projections emerging from the roof of the house connect the two figures and the ancestors in harmonious unity.

Excerpt from

Roslyn Walker, Label text, 2013.