Text and illustration from "A Game in Hell"


Olga Vladimirovna Rozanova ( Russian, 1886 - 1918 )


Alexei Eliseevich Kruchenykh ( Russian, 1886 - 1969 )


Velimir Khlebnikov ( Russian, 1885 - 1922 )

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General Description

Neither the text nor the image in this page spread is set within an ordered, rational space. Together they challenge the reader to break the boundary between pictures and words and see them as interrelated. Creeping into the lines of text on the left, a devil with jagged tail and trademark horns perches on its knees, hands raised in excitement. On the right, a winged angel appears above a cross-legged devil holding playing cards. Both images relate to the text, an extended poem describing a card game played by devils and sinners in hell. Artists Olga Rozanova and Kazimir Malevich produced the illustrations for A Game in Hell, in collaboration with authors Alexei Kruchenykh and Velimir Khlebnikov, all of whom were members of the Russian avant-garde and reveled in the experience of making art that challenged the rules. The book design is in the style of a Russian lubok, or popular folk print, produced from the mid-17th to the late 19th centuries.

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Nicole Myers, DMA label copy, 2018.

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