Colosseum Viewed from the Palatine


Jean–Achille Benouville ( French, 1815 - 1891 )

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A successful landscape painter, Jean-Achille Benouville frequently exhibited canvases featuring the environs of Paris, among other French cities, at the Paris Salon from 1834 onward. Nevertheless, he is best known for the paintings he produced during sojourns in Italy, which are notable for their great sensitivity to the depiction of light and atmosphere. This painting was executed in Rome the year before Benouville won the Prix de Rome at the French Royal Academy. He earned his prize in the category of historical landscape, defined roughly as an idealized landscape with figures drawn from historical, religious, or literary subjects. This fictitious scene displays a mastery of subtle lighting effects and an ability to mix close observation of nature with general poetry of mood. The inclusion of three different religious orders together with an Eastern holy man adds a Romantic note touching on timeless, cross-cultural unity.

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Nicole Myers, DMA label copy, 2017.

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