Traction leg splint


Charles Eames ( American, 1907 - 1978 )


Evans Products Company, Plywood Division ( American, 1946 - 1949 )

designed c. 1941
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General Description

Charles Eames and his wife, Ray, were two of the world's most important industrial designers during the mid-20th century. Trained at the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan, the designers are famous for their innovative shapes and materials. This plywood leg splint is an excellent example of the Eameses’ use of bent plywood to produce a variety of elegantly curved objects.

Adapted from

Charles Venable, DMA unpublished material.

Fun Facts

  • This leg splint was specifically designed and manufactured to immobilize and support the limbs of injured American soldiers during World War II. Over 150,000 splints had been manufactured and sent to the Navy by the end of the war.

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