"Telechron" mantel clock


Paul Frankl ( American, 1887 - 1958 )


Warren Electric Company ( American, 1912 - 1926 )

designed c. 1928
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General Description

Seeing luxurious French art deco objects at the 1925 Paris design fair inspired some American designers to create similar works. Like their French counterparts, most of these pieces were made by hand from exotic materials and were thus expensive.

Paul T. Frankl's "Telechron" clock was introduced in 1929 as "the ultra-modern clock appropriately dressed in the art moderne, the new mode of decoration so sharply expressive of our swiftly moving age....For rooms decorated in the modern manner, what could be more appropriate? Its daring originality inspired admiration--its perfect balance of form and tone satisfies the most exacting devotee of the new mode." Such innovative styling made Frankl one of the best known designers in the United States.

Drawn from

  • Charles Venable, wall text from the 11/18/2001 to 5/20/2002 exhibition "Art Deco and Streamlined Modern Design, 1920-1950”

  • Alastair Duncan, American Art Deco (New York: Harry N. Abrams, Inc., 1986), 78.

Fun Facts

  • Besides designing single objects, Paul T. Frankl also did entire interiors, including the Edmund and Louise Kahn house in Dallas.

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