Study for "Drouth Stricken Area"


Alexandre Hogue ( American, 1898 - 1994 )

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General Description

Alexandre Hogue blamed the ecological problems in the Great Plains on man’s inept and thoughtless over-cultivation of the land, viewing the plow as the principal agent of the disaster. In his words, prime grazing lands had been destroyed “first by fence, then by overplowing, now by drought.” The devastation of this desertification is evident in his painting Drouth Stricken Area (1934, 1945.6) for which this is a study. In the completed piece, this emaciated cow stands beside a sand-filled watering hole in the lower left of the composition. It and the vulture patiently waiting for the cow's demise, are the only living things in Hogue's arid landscape.

Adapted from

Sue Canterbury, Alexandre Hogue: The Erosion Series, Label text, 2014.

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