Broad Turning


Morris Louis ( American, 1912 - 1962 )

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General Description

Morris Louis created this painting without using a paintbrush. Instead, he applied extremely diluted, thinned acrylic paint to an unprimed and unstretched canvas, allowing the liquid to flow over the inclined surface in effects sometimes suggestive of translucent color veils. Although his flat, thin pigment is at times modulated in billowing and subtle tones, the Veil paintings, as they are often referred to, also comprise waves of brilliant, curving color, submerged in translucent washes that can be discerned separately, primarily along the top and edges of the canvas. Louis had to work quickly and intentionally in his small studio, moving canvas and paint quickly to direct the flow and pattern of his ultimate composition. In his paintings, a quicksilver moment—when the pigment is absorbed into the cotton canvas—is forever inscribed in time in the completed work.