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Adrien Manglard ( French, 1695 - 1760 )

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Featuring an etched vignette of a circular Roman temple, this title page served as an introduction to a book by a French artist living and working in Italy. In English, the title of the book reads “Collection of Views and Diverse Compositions Invented and Engraved by the Famous Adrien Manglard.” It was composed of thirty-two prints: thirteen sea scenes and nineteen landscapes and views, some imaginary, others of identified locations in and around Rome.

Quite late in the artist’s life, around 1752, Manglard began making etchings after his own landscapes, seascapes, and paintings of ancient Roman architecture. Manglard’s posthumous inventory lists around fifty engraved copper plates. First published in 1753, the book was so popular that it was reissued as a new edition in 1810 by the Italian publisher Luigi Fabri, and then again in 1830 by the Vatican Press.

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Franny Brock, DMA label copy, 2016.