Liquid Tornado Bath Tub


Salvador Dalí ( Spanish, 1904 - 1989 )

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General Description

"This is fantastic! If you want to bathe, you pick up your radio-phone and call for your captain. Momentarily there will appear in the sky a special helicopter which can create a vortex. At your will, there is released from the helicopter a miniature water spout which we can pilot where we wish. The waterspout comes down and cleanses your body. It contains special cleaning substances so that we bathe without a bathtub, no receptacle and no other device. We are now fresh and clean. The helicopter goes away and we go out to dinner. " As a cosmetic appliance, Dalí's Liquid Tornado Bath Tub epitomizes luxury and convenience. The graceful female nude descends from a helicopter, combining Dalí's interest in technology and sexuality. The small multi-colored box placed in the center appears in one of Dalí's first surrealist paintings, "The First Days of Spring" (1929).