Cyclopean Make-Up


Salvador Dalí ( Spanish, 1904 - 1989 )

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General Description

"The concept is founded on the eye of a Cyclops. Cybernetic models obtained on computers will replace the traditional structure. People will wear anaglyphic glasses. When they wear these orange and green glasses, and look at others, strange metamorphoses will occur. For example, a certain part of the body might become completely invisible. Or else, by looking through these glasses one will see women wearing doves or fishes instead of heads. This surrealist cybernetic makeup will open up the kingdom of the headless women. In my museum, I paint cyclopean images on the walls. If one looks at them with orange and green glasses, everything then takes on another dimension." Though the one-eyed woman may appear unsettling to us, in Dalí's world her sight is enhanced and improved. Notice the female profile to the right, drawn with an enlightened eye. In Dalí's future, makeup does not serve the purpose of beauty but rather creates visions of both absurdity and transcendence, with enhanced colors and unnatural juxtapositions of anatomy.