Untitled (Piano Music for Erik Satie)


Steve Wolfe ( American, 1955 )

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General Description

Comprising six handmade objects that uncannily represent a set of the complete recordings of Erik Satie's piano music, this work by Steve Wolfe raises several questions about how art objects function in our world, particularly how-if at all-the processes of mechanical reproduction versus the handmade are a determining factor of their value. His art is astounding for its realism, but it is a highly qualified brand of realism. Wolfe makes us question the idea of realism by making objects that look no different than their real-life counterparts, thereby posing the question, "Is this a set of albums, or a reproduction of a set of albums?" These quizzical objects are an eerie reminder that in our day and age anything can be made to look exactly like anything else, and that the notion of authenticity has been rendered problematic, to say the least, in our era of ceaseless replication.