The Fannie B. Shaw Prosperity Quilt, "Prosperity is Just Around the Corner"


Fannie B. Shaw ( American, 1894 - 1991 )

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General Description

The mood depicted in the Depression-era Prosperity Quilt is one of deliberate optimism, as artist Fannie B. Shaw has presented people from all walks of life looking around the corner for the prosperity promised by the president. In a 1988 interview she explained, “My inspiration came from Herbert Hoover. Every time you picked up the paper or heard the radio he would talk about good times around the corner. He would make it sound so good. I wondered if I could make a picture of what he said and what he meant. I went to bed one night and couldn’t get it off my mind.” Shaw and her neighbors would have to wait almost ten years for Uncle Sam to arrive at the lower right corner with “farm relief, legal beer, and aid."

Adapted from

DMA unpublished material.

Fun Facts

Fannie B. Shaw is a local artist, from Van Alstyne, Texas.

Web Resources

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    The Prosperity Quilt was one of 58 artworks selected for Art Everywhere US in 2014.

  • LA Times
    The article "These quilts with messages about gun violence and racial injustice issues aim to discomfort," published February 20, 2016, mentions the Prosperity Quilt as a predecessor of contemporary quilts that address social issues.