Covered vegetable dish


L. Bernardaud & Cie

c. 1930–1935
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General Description

In 1929, well-known manufacturers of dinnerware Bernardaud & Cie. incorporated a stylized floral ornament on a circular form with rectangular gilded handles, with the hope that it would reflect the art moderne style without being too radically modern for consumer tastes. Having witnessed a backlash against designs that were radically modern, importer George F. Basset & Co carefully noted in its advertisements that, "These treatments are not extreme but rather are the type that will fit into most any scheme of interior decoration." This simple style of "Modern Art is a definite school of design itself" and "cannot, and must not, be confused with the so-called Futuristic or Cubistic Art....The production of dinnerware by L. Bernardaud & Co. has not been just a hit or miss creation. The a graduate of the school of design in Paris and is, at the present time, spending three or four days each month in this school, keeping in touch with the latest trends in this contemporary art. The lines and decorations...have been pronounced by many art critics as perfect examples of this particular school of art."

Adapted from

  • DMA unpublished material, Label text [1999.49.a-b], transcribed 2017.

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