Wooden Pier in the Port of Honfleur (Jetée en Bois Dans le Port de Honfleur)


Johan Barthold Jongkind ( Dutch, 1819 - 1891 )

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General Description

The gestural lines and confident handling in this etching reflect Johan Barthold Jongkind’s interest in both contemporary French painting and the etchings of 17th-century Dutch artists such as Rembrandt van Rijn and Jacob van Ruisdael. His etchings, with their sparse, sketchy linear patterns and strong effects of light, reinterpret the color and brushwork shown in his paintings. Probably better than any other artist of his generation, Jongkind was able to transfer the principles of Impressionism into printmaking.

Adapted from

  • Sara Woodbury, DMA Label copy, 2011.

  • Steve Nash, DMA unpublished material, 1982.

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