Boats at Wushan, Yangtse Gorge/China


Thomas Struth ( German, 1954 )

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General Description

Thomas Struth's large scale, documentary-like photograph shows a melding of technology and nature along the Yangtze River in China, where machinery and traditional landscape become a hybrid formation through human intervention in the terrain. In this image of a Chinese city that in a few years will be completely submerged by the water of a dam, the perspective moves from the railing of a ship in the foreground, swings out to curved decks covered in what looks like Astroturf, then moves further toward the docks below a crest of land. There the town begins, with its roads and people, and culminates in a swath of buildings disappearing into the fog on a ridge in the right distance. A complete fusion has occurred here, just one of such occurrences the world over.

Adapted from

Charles Wylie, "A History of Now: The Art of Thomas Struth," in Thomas Struth (Dallas: Dallas Museum of Art, 2002), 147-155.