Portrait of Manet


Felix Bracquemond ( French, 1833 - 1914 )

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General Description

Félix Bracquemond was one of the major printmakers of the Impressionist movement, playing a large role in both the etching revival (1850–1930) and the new interest in Japanese prints and printmaking in France.

This etching of Édouard Manet was a frontispiece to a biography of the artist published in 1867. Bracquemond based the print on an earlier photograph of Manet taken by the photographer Anatole Godet in 1865.

In this etching, Bracquemond crops Godet’s photograph to focus on Manet’s face, his head turned slightly away from the viewer. Manet praised Bracquemond for his portraiture, writing earlier to the artist: “My dear B, I was awaiting your visit today, and thought of complimenting you on your portrait . . . [particularly] the head, which is very good generally.”

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Amy Wojciechowski, DMA label copy, 2017.

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