Eugène Delacroix ( French, 1798 - 1863 )


Godefroy Engelmann ( French, 1788 - 1839 )

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General Description

This illustration appeared as the tailpiece for the "Introduction" to Baron Taylor's Voyage en Auvergne (1829). The book is the fourth of twenty volumes from Baron Taylor and Charles Nodier's Voyages pittoresques et romantiques dans l'ancienne France (Paris, 1820-78). Vercingétorix was the leader of the Gallic armies when they were defeated by Julius Ceasar in 52 BC.

Drawn from

Loys Delteil, Delacroix: The Graphic Work, A Catalogue Raisonné, (San Francisco: Alan Wofsy Fine Arts, 1997), 227.

Fun Facts

  • The inscription "lacroix" is visible on the lower left of the image. Several of Delacroix's early lithographs suffered the same mishap. The first two letters of his name were cropped by the printer.