Sommerstrasse, Düsseldorf


Thomas Struth ( German, 1954 )

negative 1979, printed 1991
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General Description

Taken early in the morning, Thomas Struth's image presents a rigidly geometric vision of an urban stage. The tram lines found in the upper and lower center of the picture rush backward in an almost Euclidean demonstration of geometry, emphasizing the single vanishing point perspective chosen by the artist. Through the documentary-like aesthetic of sharp focus and clearly visualized information, Struth investigates the dynamics of a contemporary daily urban situation, how overlooked buildings define a city, and what they feel like in aggregate.

Adapted from

  • Charles Wylie, "A History of Now: The Art of Thomas Struth," in Thomas Struth (Dallas: Dallas Museum of Art, 2002), 147-155.
  • Charles Wylie, DMA unpublished material, 2001.