Slow Shuffle


Dorothy Austin ( American, 1911 - 2011 )

c. 1939
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General Description

This small-scale, sensuous sculpture captures the intimate relationship between two figures through the interplay of glance, gesture, and body position. Their heads lean back, resting on each other's shoulders as their bodies touch from cheek to calf. Eyes closed, the pair occupies a private sensory realm. In Slow Shuffle, the marks of the chisel are an integral part of the surface, uniting the forms and revealing the artist's technical prowess.

Adapted from

  • Eleanor Jones Harvey, DMA acquisition proposal (2001.47), March 2001.
  • William Keyse Rudolph, DMA label copy (2001.47), May 2006.
  • Heather MacDonald, DMA label copy (2001.47), Sept 2009.

Fun Facts

  • "Her hobbies are Chinese poetry and the serving of chicken piloff suppers in her studio." [italics in original] (Esse F. O'Brien, Art and Artists of Texas (Dallas, 1935), 239.)