Bridge 14 FEB 45 (II)


Gerhard Richter ( German, 1932 )

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General Description

This print is from an original photograph by an American military aircraft taken on February 14, 1945. It shows the outskirts of southern Cologne with numerous bomb craters, burned out houses, and the destroyed Roden Church of Rheinbruke. The images of the destroyed city and bridge provide evidence of the Allied bombing of Germany in the final phase of World War II. In this print, in which the historic photograph has been digitally manipulated, Gerhard Richter illustrates not a bomb's explosion and immediate violence, but its almost workaday aftermath.

Adapted from

Charles Wylie, DMA unpublished material, 2001.

Fun Facts

  • The DMA is the only public or private collection to house Richter's complete work in editions from 1965 to the present.