Bull chair


Hans J. Wegner ( Danish, 1914 - 2007 )


Johannes Hansen Møbelsnedkeri ( Danish )

designed 1961
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General Description

Danish designer Hans J. Wegner sought to design, "just one good chair in my life," constantly endeavoring to improve his designs. In 1961, he designed the Bull chair, and in 1964 this example, now in the DMA's collection, was executed from a commission by Dallas-based businessman Stephen S. Kahn for use in his home office. To distinguish this chair from another design of Wegner's (the Cow Horn chair), it was called the Bull Horn chair. The former chair has smaller arms with more curve than the arms of this chair, which has large, straight arms. The wedge used for the top rail is the same on both chairs; it connects the materials on both sides and serves to strengthen the structure of the chair as well as enhance its beauty. As is typical of Wegner's designs, this chair was made by cabinet maker Johanes Hansen in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Bull chair embodies characteristics of many of Wegner's designs: gracefully tapered, solid wood combining beauty, comfort, and affordability.

Heather Bowling, Digital Collections Content Coordinator, 2016.

Drawn from

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Fun Facts

  • Although this chair sits in a museum gallery today, its original owner Stephen S. Kahn hardly kept it on a pedestal. In fact, there is some damage to the rear of the desk chair caused by it hitting the edge of Mr. Kahn's desk through the years, and the wear on the front edge of the upholstery was probably caused by his legs rubbing against the seat.