Desk (Model #500)


Charles Rohlfs ( American, 1853 - 1936 )


Charles Rohlfs Workshop ( American, 1898 - 1928 )

c. 1899–1901
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General Description

Resting upon a base that allows the upper portion to pivot, this “swinging writing desk” has cutwork details, pronounced pegs, and a wispy, smoke-like pair of finials that suggest a whimsical storybook chalet. In an 1899 article for _The House Beautiful, _Charlotte Moffitt described a similar example as “nothing so much as a miniature Swiss cottage.”

Excerpt from

Kevin Tucker, DMA unpublished material, Label text (2004.2.1), 2004.

Fun Facts

According to the original owner, Charles Rohlfs built this desk for his wife, novelist Anna Katherine Green.