Mansion at the Beach (Villa am Strand)


Lyonel Feininger ( American, 1871 - 1956 )

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General Description

Mansion at the Beach is one of several woodcuts that Lyonel Feininger based on sketches of Heringsdorf, a German seaside area near the Polish border. In each of these woodcuts, Feininger transforms the original landscape into a dynamic abstract composition. His geometric style reflects the influence of Expressionism and other abstract movements that flourished in early 20th-century Germany.

Feininger was originally from New York but spent most of his artistic career in Berlin. Primarily a painter, he began making woodcuts during World War I, when oil paints were hard to obtain. He later became a teacher and master printmaker at the Bauhaus, one of the most important schools of design of the 20th century.

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Sue Canterbury, DMA label copy, 2018

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