Bird's–eye Perspective of Amusement Park in Wolf Lake, Indiana (Vogelperspektive des Vergnügungsetablissements in Wolf Lake, Indiana)


Frank Lloyd Wright ( American, 1867 - 1959 )

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General Description

This aerial perspective of a proposed amusement park at Wolf Lake for developer Edward C. Waller shows a half-circle inlet around which promenades, a bandstand, pavilions, boat houses, and casinos were to be constructed. Designed to be built on dredged swamp land, the arcaded elements, towers, and festive structures with balloons and banners seem to recall the fantastic scenes Wright would have been familiar with from the displays at the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago. For Wolf Lake, Wright transforms the Beaux Arts classicism of that fair’s buildings to his own developing vocabulary of hipped roofs and Sullivanesque arches. In the late 1930s, Wright reimagined a scheme of repeated circular elements for another waterside project, the Monona Terrace of Madison, Wisconsin; a version of that design was finally constructed in 1997.