Untitled (big/small figure)


Tom Friedman ( American, 1965 )

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General Description

"I think my patience comes from faith and also a need to pursue an idea. I have to see it through and make it physical to complete my understanding of it." —Tom Friedman Looking at these two figures may create a double sense of feeling one's own self either very small or very large. Like Gulliver in Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels, one at first feels huge, looking down among the Lilliputians, and then, looking upward, tiny among the giant Brobdignagians. Other works by Tom Friedman that he calls self-portraits are single images similar to the smaller one included here. Is this, then, the monster and his creator? The artist and his work? The human and the inhuman? Friedman invites us to play, saying, "I think that there's this misconception that playful thinking is not serious and it's not important."