"Antilopes" vase


Lalique et Cie, Cristallerie ( French, 1909 )


René Jules Lalique ( French, 1860 - 1945 )

c. 1926
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General Description

French glass designer René Jules Lalique's gray patina spherical vase with an everted rim is molded in low relief. Throughout his career, Lalique decorated many of his vases with a menagerie of creatures ranging from realistic to highly stylized forms like the antelopes seen here whose bodies seem to curve and leap over the translucent convex roundels.

Drawn from

  • Patricia Bayer and Mark Waller, The Art of Rene Lalique (London: Quintet Publishing Ltd., 1988), 144.

  • Kevin W. Tucker, DMA unpublished material.

Fun Facts

In addition to being a master glassmaker and jeweller, Lalique was well-known in the 1920s for the radiator caps he designed for cars of the era.

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