Door (Tür)


Isa Genzken ( German, 1948 )

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General Description

In Tür Isa Genzken utilizes scale and infrastructure to elevate what appears to be a ruin or accident to monumental status. Cast in sections and strata, Tür is made up of individual concrete pieces, each formed by Genzken to be small enough to lift and configure, but together comprising a physically and visually weighted structure. Positioned atop a towering steel plinth, the imposing stature of Tür prompts the viewer to consider the ways architecture shapes behavior and perception.

While the ruin-like quality of the work calls to mind the lasting architectural detritus in postwar Germany, the concrete surface resembles the utopic modernist architecture. Hovering between permanence and collapse, it is difficult to discern whether the work is being built or dissembled.

Excerpt from

Elise Armani, DMA Label text, Body Ego, 2018.