Julian Stanczak ( American, born in Poland, 1928 - 2017 )

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General Description

Julian Stanczak’s paintings are commonly associated with the Op Art movement, a term coined by Donald Judd after seeing Stanczak’s influential show at Martha Jackson Gallery in 1964. Stanczak developed a new visual vocabulary that reflected a concern for the manipulation of color, shapes, and lines within an optical field; however, the artist, along with his mentor Josef Albers, disapproved of the term "Optical Painting." Instead, they considered "perceptual art" a more suitable definition for the visual experience of Stanczak’s paintings. Depending on where one stands, Fractiones reveals a subtle linear progression of parallel green and pink lines that appear to move across the bright orange surface. Soft square shapes emerge, creating a perceptual phenomenon that transforms the passive viewer into an active participant.

Excerpt from

  • Gavin Delahunty, Label text, 2017.

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