Untitled (Let's Get Lyrical)


Ludwig Schwarz ( American, 1964 )

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General Description

In previous bodies of work and installations, Ludwig Schwarz delved into the circulation and commerce of images and the aesthetics of painting. For example, he sent jpeg files to Shenzen, China, to have laborers execute paintings of his photographs, and working with the Rent-A-Center company he created an installation that incorporated paintings he made but signed with another name, such as the famous former Indiana University basketball coach Bobby Knight. But in Schwarz's more recent bodies of work, including “Untitled (Let's Get Lyrical)”, 2007, the artist has returned, with rigor and formal acumen, to making paintings that revel in the beauty and complexity of the medium itself. Using different kinds of brushstrokes and different manners of application, and creating separate but interrelated passages of paint, Schwarz orchestrates a composition that is at once challenging and lyrical.