Arum vase (prototype)


Daum Frères ( French, 1875 )


Jeff Leatham ( American, 1972 )

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General Description

Passion for floral design led Jeff Leatham beyond a career as artistic director of the George V _hotel in Paris, and into the realm of object design. In this work, the designer reflects upon his signature inverted, or "upside down," floral arrangements in which blooms are submerged under water within clear vases. Here the hollow of an inverted arum flower becomes a cavity, forming a vase for a real flower. Leatham's _Arum vase, created for celebrated French glass company Daum, extends the firm's century-old emphasis on floral motifs and art glass into the twenty-first century. With its play of negative and positive volumes and the sly twist of a cavity in the form of a poisonous flower serving as a receptacle for an actual flower, Leatham's creation is a subtle inversion of traditional floral display and design.

Adapted from

Kevin W. Tucker, DMA unpublished material, December 2007.

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