Linen chest


Gustav Stickley ( American, 1858 - 1942 )


United Crafts ( American, 1901 - 1903 )

Attributed to

John Seidemann ( American, 1858 - 1924 )

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General Description

With its highly structural form, massively scaled strap hinges, and quartersawn white oak construction, this linen chest is an incomparable realization of American Arts and Crafts philosophy at the turn of the 20th century. A custom work by Gustav Stickley's United Crafts shop, the chest reflects the rapid maturation of Stickley's "new furniture" designs in the period from 1900 to 1903, which moved beyond initially eccentric, detailed forms to architectonic shapes that express solidity, permanence, and an evocation of the past through hammered iron hardware and bold oak construction. An object expressly fashioned for the modern American home, this linen press or chest, among the finest objects produced by Stickley's firm, was custom made for Gustav Stickley's model dining room that appeared in a 1903 Arts and Crafts exhibition in Syracuse, New York.

Adapted from

Kevin Tucker, Label text, July 2008.

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