"Sphere Flower Vase"


Lurelle Guild ( American, 1898 - 1986 )


International Silver Company ( American, 1898 )

c. 1934
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General Description

Lurelle Guild developed American industrial design and introduced Modernism into home furnishing and decorative arts during the 1930s. This silverplated vase was part of the “Gift Ware” line, which International Silver manufactured for only two years. Production was likely discontinued due to issues of affordability and a lack of demand for silver objects during the Great Depression. Guild was one of the first designers to use mass production. He patented new products and had them produced by an outside manufacturer.

Like other Modern designers, Guild disregarded historical references and instead looked to machines, with their industrial aesthetics. The spherical shape of the flower vase relates to other mid-1930s designs that symbolize progress, modernity, and streamlined efficiency. Such designs include simplified forms and flowing lines, seen here in the rounded, smooth surface of the vase that references speed and mechanized systems.

Excerpt from

Sue Canterbury, DMA label copy, 2018.