"Veryround" chair


Louise Campbell ( Danish and British, 1970 )


Zanotta ( Italian, 1954 )

Designed 2006
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General Description

"The design is based on the pleasure that can be found in repetition. A single circle is not particularly interesting, but 240 circles, meticulously organised until they form an entire chair, are interesting." – Louise Campbell

Designer Louise Campbell’s Veryround chair for Zanotta is a study in “shadowplay” as well as novel construction. Two layers of laser-cut sheet steel differ in size by 20% and, when shaped and connected by a corresponding border, form a layered cone which appears exceptionally light, as if cut from paper. The repetitive circular motif is offered as both ornament and form – casting interesting shadows and reinforcing the overall conical shape. In the tradition of Italian seating design of the 1960s, such as Gruppo Strum’s wry Pratone or the amorphous Sacco chair [1996.201], Campbell intends for the chair to serve as a playful puzzle, denying its ready identification as a “chair” by dispensing with traditional legs, seat elements, or a clear idea of sides. The conical design of the chair speaks to these points as well as the notion of play; it is intended to rock or swivel around its point when one sits in it.

Adapted from

Kevin W. Tucker, DMA unpublished material, 2008.